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Учебник истории Марка Рибо

«Меня часто спрашивают, какие мои фотографии я считаю лучшими. Мой ответ: те, которые я сделаю завтра».

Марку Рибо (Marc Riboud) было 14 лет, когда он впервые взял в руки фотоаппарат — старый кодак своего отца. Эта камера дала первый толчок увлечению, которое он пронес через всю жизнь. Инженер по образованию, Марк Рибо в самом начале своей карьеры взял недельный отпуск — пофотографировать театральный фестиваль в Лионе. Этих семи дней оказалось достаточно: он никогда больше не вернулся на прежнее место работы.

Moscow, Russia, 1960

Taken three years after the proclamation of the independence of Ghana (1957), this photo shows that colonial habits still persist to this day | Accra, 1960

Anshan, China, 1957

Beijing, China, 1965

Like thousands of his countrymen, this young mother fled the war of independence in Bangladesh to give birth to her child in a refugee camp in Calcutta | Calcutta, 1971

Camel's market | Nagaur, Rajasthan, India, 1956

Forbidden City | Beijing, China, 1957

The Japanese hide their mouths when they laugh, because it's indecent to show the laughter | Grand magasin, Tokyo, 1958

In front of the Jaipur Palace | India, 1956

Jardin des Tuileries | Paris, 1953

Karlovy Vary, 1962

Kenya, 1961

Marc was shy. Robert Capa, who wanted to help, told him: "Go to London to see the girls and learn English". "I spent a year in London, recalls Marc. I have not seen girls (difficult to verify), but I've taken thousands of photos". The East End has always been a poor neighborhood, unsanitary and overcrowded London. Today, this is where the future is built Olympic Stadium. Londres, East End, 1954

Los Angeles, 1959

North Vietnam, 1969

Palerme, 1976

Paris, 1953

Marc's disabled daughter

Paris, May, 1968

Paul VI | Vatican, 1972

Death of pope Pie XII | Rome, 1958

Skating in front of the Forbidden City | China, 1957

Varanasi, India, 1956

This famous photo of Marc Riboud, taken in Washington during a protest against the war in Vietnam, is etched in our memories in black and white. It took more than thirty years to discover color. It is by no means a colorization. Marc had forgotten that he had used another box loaded with color film. Now, we know that the flower in the picture is pink. As the name of the young woman: Jane Rose Kasmir. Washington, EUA, 1967

Yugoslavia, 1953

The queue at the Lenin’s Mausoleum in Red Square | Moscow, 1960

A wedding | St. Tropez, 1951

The vast majority of Algerians were illiterate. Here, for the workers of a company to elect their representatives, they wear numbers | Algeria, Mitidja, 1963

Divorce | Beijing, 1965

Iran, 1979

Istanbul, 1999

The British Museum, Greek dialogue between a horse came from the Parthenon and a very worthy subject of his majesty | London, 1954

Moscow, 1960

Moscow, 1967

Near Chartres, 1953

Paris, 1953

Pingyao, China, 2001

Auschwitz train | Queens, 2003, Museum of Contemporary Art

Russian school, 1965

The Alcan Highway, or Alaska-Canadian Highway, crosses the north (Delta Junction) to the south (Dawon Creek) | Alaska, 1958

The Indian sun will soon remove Kali's statue and the numerous arms | Calcutta, India, 1956

Cuba, 1963

Fidel Castro interviewed by Jean Daniel | Cuba, 1963

Hard jobs are given of course also to the women | Moscow, 1961

Strange reflections at the edge of a Dutch canal | Holland, 1994

Through the lace of the Galata Bridge, to the Golden Horn, does this poor little boy dream about big trips? | Istanbul, 1955

The cult of Kali solicits all imagination of the Indian sculptors | Kali's festival, Calcutta, India, 1956

"When I crossed this pass, I hesitated. As I like to travel slowly, the arrow of right attracted me" | Khyber Pass, Afghanistan, 1955

Football match at Wembley | London, 1954

In front of diptych Adam and Eve (1507) of Albrecht Durer | Museum of Prado, Madrid, 1988

Turkey, 1955

Behind the scenes of a theater | Osaka, 1958

The Duke of Windsor had established a clinic for cats and dogs | Paris, 1953

Eugene Ionesco during a rehearsal of "O Calcutta" | Paris, 1971

Isabela Farova, daughter of Anna Farova, signatory of Charter 77 and member of the big photographic family | Prague, 1981

Salvador Dali | Sapin, 1964

This very popular seaside station, the closest to London, shelters here the intimacy of a couple | Southend-on-Sea, England, 1955

Tokyo, 1958

Turkey, 1956

Which of the two matrons will seduce the beautiful Apollo | Museum of Prado, Madrid, 1988

Wings of a night club | Tokyo, 1958

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